Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some Local Inspiration

Art copyright Nancy Carlson
As James and I waited in line to order our lunch today at the corner fast food place, I noticed on the front page of the day's crumpled Variety section a photo of local kids' book author and illustrator Nancy Carlson, seated at her drawing table (a table that looks a lot like mine, what with all the notes written on its surface; and just how cool is it anyway that there are clots of pens in plastic bins and papers stacked in the background!?) and showing off her doodles to Strib photog Tom Wallace.

Seeing Nancy's face and her familiar drawing style filled my head with memories. Her books first began appearing back when my own girls were small, and they grew up reading her stories about Harriet the dog and Harriet's friends Loudmouth George and Louanne Pig. But I admit that since their childhood I've lost track of Nancy and her works and had no idea that she's created over 60 books over the years. (Go, Nancy, go!)

The body of the article informed me that over a year ago Nancy's editor suggested she post something online regularly 'as a way of keeping her name in the public eye' and so she decided to draw a doodle a day and share it on her blog. And as soon as I got home again after eating that turkey burger, I checked out her site and signed up to receive her cheerful daily updates. (Guess what? Her birthday is the day after mine! And she hates airplanes and scary rides, too! A kindred spirit....)

Since reading the article I can't help thinking about what a great exercise it must be to create and post a Little Something daily. And so I've decided to follow her example. (Or TRY to, at least; those are some amazing shoes to fill.) Doing so will give me something to share when I'm feeling too quiet for words. Plus, it'll make this 'art blog' look like it means business.

So thank you in advance, Nancy Carlson, for this great suggestion. It's so nice to 'reconnect' with you and your wonderful characters again after all these years! And I hope you don't mind if I follow your impressive example and pray for a fraction of your productivity.

It'll do me a world of good. :)

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