Monday, March 21, 2016

Dear wonderful You,

Well, hmmmmm.... Apparently I published a post yesterday that I hadn't meant to publish.


I hate when that happens. Because it makes me look like I really have no idea what I'm doing. (Which is pretty much the case, actually.)

Anyway, I took it down. Mostly because I write to discover how I really feel about something. And I hadn't explored the topic of the post enough to have solidified my thoughts before accidentally hitting the 'publish' button.

Oh well....

This particular post was about reacquainting myself with the health regimen I was on before Fest, Stress, and The Holidays knocked me the heck out of it and back into the overweight-and-out-of-shape zone, and about how interested I am in pursuing a creative health regimen again as well. Get back into the routine of doing something creative on a daily basis sort of thing.... Last year at this time I was exploring color with my '50 Shades of Fae' idea, which I thought I'd continue to pursue long after I fulfilled the required number of designs. But now? Now I'm not so sure....

The post went on to say something about me maybe picking up a book on creativity and doing the exercises. Or taking an online Creativity Coaching class. Or maybe just promising myself to do something creative every day, even if it's not in my chosen medium, and then post the result here in order to hold myself accountable.

And then I remembered how dang great I am at jumping on an idea, chugging along for a week or month or so, and then losing momentum.... Remember my short-lived sketch-a-day regimen?.... You don't?.... Well, perhaps it's because I chugged along for a week or month or so and then slowed to a frippin' halt.... I did that with a weightloss thing, too. And a blogpost-a-day thing. And I'm sure a bunch of other things. Because my follow-through skills suck. And because my attention span sucks, too....

But now I'm wondering if it wouldn't have helped me to be part of a group, one of a bunch of like-minded folks who wished to explore their own creativity. Not necessarily in an oil-painting, sculpture-carving way (although that's fine!) so much as in an, I dunno, "let's put on our Creativity goggles and see what happens" kind of way. Does that make sense? No rules. And no pressure to create something physical on a daily basis. More of just a check-in. Kind of "here's an example of how I thought outside the box today." Or "I spent my Creativity time today writing a letter to a friend." That's do-able, right?

And if I did this, would you be at all interested in joining me?

I would even go so far as to set up some kind of a platform that we could post to privately to share our explorations. (Not 100% sure how to do that, but I'd be more than willing to figure it out if there was any interest....) And that way, when I drop the ball (because I probably will) you're welcome to keep it rolling for a second until I get my act together. And the posts wouldn't be just about me, would they? Because they'd be about US....

And I'm about to press the 'publish' button here in a second, even though I know I haven't thought this post through. Maybe because I'm hoping you'll have something to add that will further the discussion.

Sending my voice out like a boomerang to see what comes back,

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Hopefully Not Too Whiney Update

Still ill since my last post....

During that time there were chest pains, CT scans, a stress test, the works. The annoying Shingles rash has appeared to quiet down visibly, but still itches and burns and makes it nearly impossible for me to wear clothes in comfort. And the sinus-fever-cough thingy has morphed into something that makes my lungs sound like they're popping bubblewrap with every exhale.

It's the pits. I feel my age, feel old, feel beaten. Twelve hours of sleep a night plus a nap in the afternoon is hardly enough for me now. I love to sleep, but I'd prefer not to sleep my life away, thank you.

Perhaps the results of the stress test and stuff will give me a clue to what's dragging me down? Maybe. Or it could simply be that I was already run down when confronted by this cold and it just consumed me like a grassfire.


For now I'll sleep, since that's what everything wants to do. And I'll try not to mention all this again, since no one wants to read a Poor Me post. And I'll keep in touch, since that's what I enjoy doing.

Until then, my friend.