Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marjolein Bastin and the Dipped-in-Gold Day

Yup. A Dipped-in-Gold-Day. A Fresh-Air-and-Sunshine Day. A Spring-is-on-its-Way Day. And here's why:

Responding to what sounded like Birdfest out my front door this morning, I opened it to discover robins feasting on the berry clusters in my rowan tree. Instant Spring moment!

Artwork copyright Marjolein Bastin
During my walk around the neighborhood afterwards, I glanced up to catch a black-and-white Tuxedo tom cat lazily watching me as I pursued some exercise.

On my return trip home again, I recognized the unmistakeable 'foley artist' sounds of a happy starling in full song. (In spite of my earmuffs! Says a lot about happy starlings....)

And once there I checked the Billbox to find a delightful handwritten (in fountain pen, no less!) letter from a good friend.

And because of that wonderful letter with its wonderful stationery, I took a moment today to reacquaint myself with the artwork of Marjolein Bastin.

If you're unfamiliar with Ms. Bastin's work, I suggest you study the photos in this post or hie yourself to yon local Hallmark store and spend a wonderful afternoon appreciating the beautiful cards and tchotchkes there that feature her work.
Artwork copyright Marjolein Bastin

I've collected Marjolein's charming cards since my old Law Office days back in the 90s when the Hallmark store in the downstairs lobby of the office building I worked in kept me delightfully busy over many a lunch break.

One of my fave card designs featured two little birds feathering the nest of a birdhouse made of art supplies. I was so charmed by the image that I made a similar birdhouse for both my mother and my grandmother by painting store-bought pine birdhouses from a local craft outlet and hot-gluing straw, pencils, and paintbrushes to them. They turned out wonderfully if I do say so myself, by neither were ever used for housing birds.

Opening my letter today and seeing my friend's familiar handwriting and Marjolein's familiar watercolor studies absolutely transported me. I felt like I'd been sent back in time!

And now that I think about it, my whole day has been about birds, birdsong, nature, spring, and watercolory surroundings.

And memories, of course. And the magick of reconnection.

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