Thursday, February 25, 2016

Having a Day....

I drew this days ago. When things were painful but less bleak....
Dear You,

I'm shooting from the hip today.... Typing without thinking, really. Typing as a form of coping.

You should be forewarned that I'm physically feeling poorly, which isn't helping my mood. (For the record, Shingles SUCK. And go ahead and add a nasty sinus-and-fever-and-cough-related thingy on top of them. I'm pathetic.) Plus, I've been dealt an emotional blow, which isn't helping either.... As a result, I've spent my awake moments today wondering What The Effing Hell.

I'd sob if I didn't think it'd make my head explode....

This mood will pass, I know. Tomorrow will be better. And I'll spare you by not welcoming you into my Mind Dump (no Palaces here...) so you can see for yourself what craziness has contributed to this fall running leap down the rabbit hole. 

Instead, do this for me (please): give yourself a hug, think of a special time when we had fun together or got into mischief together or fill-in-the-blank together (not that time when we pissed each other off….). Smile. Give yourself another hug (from me). And -- above all -- take gentle care of yourself.

I don’t tell you enough how much I heart you, do I? But please know that you are always in my thoughts. And you mean the world to me. 

Now turn off the computer and go look at the clouds.