Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A (Rather Belated) Happy New Year!

I've meant to do this since Day One of the New Year and have been so busy that I've just plum forgotten! So here goes:

Big hugs and thankyous to YOU, my dear followers, for reading my words and sharing your thoughts here. Your continued support means the world to me, I hope you know. And writing to you is a pleasure. :)

And big welcomes to all who care to join us in the New Year! There's plenty of room here for you (yes, you!), so grab a Sit-Upon and get comfy, 'k?

A toast: To creative endeavors and camaraderie! And may 2012 not only meet our needs and make us smile but also be absolutely flocked with stars and fairy dust and wild imaginings.

Ready? Let's play!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Signs and Symbols

Such a weird day. Such a wonder.... I'm far inside myself somewhere, interpreting signs in everything I see like the weirdling that I am.
I was feeling particularly toxic earlier and so I hied my ownself out into the cold. Layers and layers, except for my face, because that icy wind straight to my forehead opens up my brain like nothing else. It startles me like a slap upside the head. Wakes me up.
And it surprised me to see my Minnesota neighborhood in the very heart of January with no snow to speak of. It's not like I didn't already know this, but again -- the cold opened my eyes and made me really see it.
Friends are quick to scold me lately when I say anything negative about the weather, like how weird is it anyway that our winter is so unwinterlike. I don't mind the unseasonableness of it, necessarily. There was a time when waiting for the schoolbus in negative temps and without a coat was uncomfortable but certainly do-able. But not anymore. My bones caught up. Now reaching into the freezer for my supper ingredients is enough to set me back a bunch. So it's not like I haven't enjoyed being able to navigate the Village on foot with no icy sidewalks and bulky snowbanks to impede me and just a sweatshirt to warm me. I'll admit it's convenient. But still.... It's odd and noticeable. Plus, in my head I'd imagined November - December - January being all about Me trapped in Tumbledown with my books and my pencils, happily creating art at my leisure while blizzards rage.
There's still plenty of time, I know. January's not over yet. And truth be told, even WITH the bad weather of my imaginings I wouldn't have been able to devote any time to personal creative endeavors anyway. Things have been that out of whack around here.
But I can't help but see this weather and make it be All About Me. Like it's a sign or something. The Universe telling me to wake the heck up already and get it in gear. There's no time for cocooning or reading or leisurely anything.
Things need doing.
And there's no time like the Present.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Something's happening.

Something weird and magical.

It's a good kind of weird and a Magickal kind of magical. And I'm not sure where it's going, but it wants to go there FAST.

Poor Clueless Me has it by the foot, trying to slow it down or something... keep it grounded. Because it's frightening.

But the thing has wings. STRONG ones. Strong-and-getting-stronger ones. Soon I'll either have to let go and watch it vanish forever, or hang on and let it pull me into the scary Unknown.

I don't do Scary well. And I steer clear of the Unknown. I do things ssslllooowwwwwww. I do my research, I weigh my options. I'm not big on surprises. I want to know what's coming, what to expect. I hide. In every way. And I hide well.

But this Something doesn't care. I think it created itself just to drag me screaming out of my comfort zone. And the dang thing doesn't look like something I can reason with. It's bigger than me. It has a no-nonsense expression. And scales.

And it wants to leave NOW. Right this very minute what am I doing sitting at the keyboard no time for typing we must be on our WAY!

I wish there was time enough to change out of my jammies and put on some Superhero duds. Because this feels Life Changing. And not just for me.

(*Cringe*) SO not sure about this! What if I let go? Fail? Heck -- what if I FALL?? Fall on my face!?

Wait, waitwaitwait! I've got stuff on my plate! I've got a routine! I take MEDS. I'm OLD, I take naps now, I hurt when I get up in the morning. (And dang it! I hate that it's just looked over its shoulder at me and given me the laser stare -- apparently it thinks what I've just written here is a crock.)

From my experience (this soul has read a lot of fairytales), when Magick says It knows what It's doing, we mere mortals find out the hard way that It's RIGHT.


(*Gulp!* Grabbing my robe at the neck and holding on TIGHT)

Here we go, I guess!