Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Open to Suggestions

I'd hoped that I could narrow my focus here.... I'm so full of interests that I can't think straight, and they all preoccupy me, often at the same time; the thought of limiting myself to just one subject gives me a big old case of Writer's Block.

Not long ago I began the Mayfaire fan page on Facebook. I tried limiting myself there to small posts about my art and about art-related stuff. After a while folks commented, and when nothing bad happened I began thinking about a studio blog. And I thought: If I combined my various interests with my love of writing daily and my need to share my art, what would a blog like that be like? And what would I write about? Just creativity? Just my art? Just art-related stuff in general? And why did I have to choose?

Then I recalled an idea of mine from way back in my high school years. At that time I'd purchased a spiral notebook full of blue, thin-lined paper and had begun passing it amongst my few friends in a 'round robin' sort of way. I'd write an entry in morning Study Hall and pass it to the next friend who'd read it, add a Little Something, and pass it, etc., until it came back to me.

Most of the time our contributions were of the 'so-and-so doesn't know I exist' variety: the usual teenaged angst about boys and cliques and the curse of unpopularity. But occasionally something fun would happen. A silly post about pretending to be a maple tree in the meadow might spark pages of handwritten flotsam that would amuse us with its 'out-there'-ness.

So with that in mind I quickly made my decision. This blog will be about... something.

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