Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Huzzah -- It's Almost Here!

Mayfaire -- looking all Fest-ive!

Since I wrote last so much has been happening.

That little caterpillar I mentioned in the last blog post? It made its chrysalis today.

The new little grandbug that my arms keep longing for? She's here! All the way from California. :)

That little shop called 'Mayfaire' that I keep talking about? She's all swept, scrubbed, furnished, and set up. New art's been hung for display. Plants have been planted. Flags are flagging.

The Renaissance Festival that I've been creating art for? It starts in just two days!

The Village soon welcomes YOU

Just in the bit of time between this post and the last, my Fest neighbors and I have been working like bees readying our neighborhood. It promises to be a fun, new season that I'm totally looking forward to.

(And I must have been channeling some of its energy because I've been happily drawing nothing but mermaids over the summer and now guess what? There will be MERMAIDS there. Real live ones that swim and everything. Am I psychic or what?)

If you're planning to attend the MN Renaissance Festival (and I hope you are), here's a great ticket offer from the Startribune. And when you get there, you can use this map to help you find my shop: Mayfaire, #443 by the Crown (aka Tortuga/Johnny Phoenix) Stage. Cool beans.

Oh, and don't forget to download the merchant coupons before you leave so you can save money on everything from tarot readings to fantasy hair weavings to -- ahem -- art by ME. :)

Need directions? You can find them here. Ticket info? Ditto. Too late to get in on the Strib offer? You can find discount coupons at your local Subway, Dunn Bros. Coffee, or Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake Pizza.

And ladies -- if your guy isn't into Renaissance Festivals, take heart. There's a pub on site that features beer and sports broadcasts. Park him there and then come have some FUN, 'k?

Don't bother telling him that there really are knights in shining armor there ready to sweep you off your feet or that he'll be missing enough tightly-laced bodices and ample cleavage to last his eyes a lifetime.

He'll figure it out!

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