Monday, December 31, 2012

The Countdown Begins

I'm brimming with ideas and opinions and hopes and resolutions.

I want to make changes. I want to run my forearm over my world and erase it clean.

I want to start over. Jettison. Simplify. Re-evaluate. Set fires. Plant seeds. Stay home. Fly away....

Am I the only one who feels like this on the last day of December? Hopeful, afraid, excited? On the brink of 'differentness?' As though by just living through the next few hours I will cross a line and somehow be reinvented. 

One can always hope.


  1. delayne, as always, you inspire me!! I wrote a short blog, then noticed that you had just updated your blog. Your words inspired me to write more of my own thoughts, so I added to my own blog post.

    I think we constantly reinvent ourselves, every minute of every day, but especially on this day of hope and possibilities!

  2. Thank you, Laurel. The feeling is mutual; you inspire me, too, my friend. (And who else wants to be inspired? Check out Laurel's blog at There's lots there to like. :->)