Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Eve is Upon Us!

Today -- in addition to being the first day of February -- is Bubblegum Day, National Wear Red Day, and (my fave) Friday, or what I like to call Weekend Eve. So today's blogsketch is covering all her bases by doing the Friday happydance! :)

To me, Fridays and Weekends will always be magickal and full of possibilities. Even in my head I see them with sparkles! (Although Friday's sparkles don't appear until around 5 p.m., understandably.) They're white squares on my inner calendar, as if the hours are waiting for me to fill them with color. Or maybe they're hidden, waiting for me to uncover them to reveal their surprises....

I assumed that when I became self-employed, my head would see the entire week as a sort of magickal weekend. And when that didn't happen, I tried to imagine them backwards -- especially during Fest time, when my weekends become my work days. But I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

Perhaps all those years of school and the looking forward to of the golden weekends left their mark. It's ok. My weekends are still full of magick but now my weekdays are, too. I love what I do and it's work. But I prefer to call it my Play instead of my Job.

And when my Fridays tick along to 5 p.m., I still feel the happydance sneaking up on me! (*wiggle* See? Already it's starting!)

So here's my wish for YOU: may your Today be full of dance moves and your Weekend full of golden moments. And when Sunday dawns, may it stall (and stall... and stall....) until you've played to your heart's content.

Now get ready!

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  1. I'm doing my Happy Dance, too! Have a great weekend, Delayne!! xoxo