Monday, July 8, 2013

Wide-Awake Tired

Insomnia has a way of putting a knot in my tail.

In bed by 10:00 and up by 2:00; I hate nights like that.

Last night was the latest in a string of them. And as much as I like to claim that stay-at-home artists can sleep in if they want to, they really can't. (Correction: They can provided they've stayed up 'til dawn working.)

As I watched the sun rise this morning, Boo sat curled on my lap like the kitten in the picture. I was tempted to join her but by then it was already too late -- my normal work day had begun. If I'd been using my head, those wee hours would've seen me pushing a pencil....

But it's hard to think straight when you're wide-awake tired, so I read a book instead, thinking that it would put me to sleep.


And now my coffee break's over and it's back to the drawing board for me. Perhaps when breaktime rolls around again I'll pencil in a nap in the hammock....



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