Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Come On In

Inch by inch, I'm putting the gardens to bed today. It's slow going. Mostly because I keep stopping to appreciate stuff. 

You understand.

I'm behind this year for a bunch of reasons and am having a hard time catching up. And also I can't help but wonder if the gardens even want tucking in so much.... 

Looking around me at the rest of the neighborhood I see leafless lawns and plants trimmed back, and then I look at mine and see tiny purple petunias and fresh phlox blossoms with their faces to the clouds. I'm just going to leave them there to enjoy this trying-to-snow day.

Garden flotsam gets to enjoy the day now, too, as the tall and leggy milkweed stalks are now podless and have died back. If the snow holds off until the November weekend, I might just get to add some spooky Halloween decorations to their autumn garden party.


And what's this? ~ a fairy stone in my fairy garden? How appropriate. :) Perhaps it's a gift from whomever has left the door open? Such a sweet little lantern must be used to having something magickal take up residence in it, candle or no candle.... 

And now I'm chilled. Must go in for a cup of tea. 

Oh look -- the kitchen's warm and steamy. You go first, 'k? Ignore the horizontal surfaces all covered with books and dust and art supplies. Mind the shoes that have piled up at the door. And prepare to have your lap filled up with kitten....

Almost forgot: Earl Grey or Darjeeling? I'll put the kettle on.



  1. Make mine Earl Greg, please, with just a splash of milk.

  2. Earl Grey please... Memories of delightful afternoons/evenings at Tumbledown's dining room table came flooding back as I read this. Thank yo for sharing your day! dc