Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tea & 20 Questions

Who are you, my friend? (Don't be afraid; you don't have to go into detail unless you want to.....)

Are you a creative kindred spirit? Do you share a love of Stuff? Are you a fellow wanderer, bouncing around Life and pinging off sharp corners, trying to figure it all out and hoping to be a better human bean today than you were yesterday?

Do you like to draw? Do you have the Answers? Do you long to help? Do you love to read?

How do you see yourself? With what do you surround yourself? How would you describe yourself?

Are you as clueless and as blank-slated as I am? Do your hopes outnumber your fears? Is your glass half full or half empty, or do you (like it's been said of me) not have a glass at all?

What are your dreams, your wishes, your wants?

What are your hopes for this New Year?

And is Earl Grey fine for today's tea? Or would you rather have Darjeeling?....

Go ahead, tell me all about yourself.

Tea's ready. I'll pour....

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