Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just Me Saying Hi

Yep. It's been a looong time. Much has kept me from writing and sharing, but it's all stuff that's not worthy of a post.

A sun dog! It's almost holy, isn't it?

But now it's time to get back on the word horse and take a dang ride already. And today's a good day for it. Bright and windy and warm. There's a ring around the sun! And marsh brush surrounding Postage Stamp Pond is gearing up to become a watercolor wash of yellow and green. I'll give it another day or two (and I'd best pay attention so that I don't miss the moment).

I can aaaaalmost see a smear of green....

I can hear a lawn machine droning in the distance and smell hot tar as its tamped into the post-winter potholes. Two chickadees methodically excavate a crevice in my elderly (and possibly dying) locust tree, taking turns widening a mouth under the moustache of the Green Man face I've tacked to its trunk....

He doesn't seem too worried about it. :)

Fat earthworms appear with every sweep of my rake, and stands of catnip fill my nose with fragrance as I bruise them with the tines. The woodbine buds are plump and green, its ropes are supple, and I gather them up and drape them over the dome of the plastic jungle gym I rescued curbside on Garbage Day. Someday it'll all be a grandbug-sized (and hopefully gramma-sized) 'twig house,' at least that's what I see in my imagination; a future hollow mound of shady green just right for crawling into with a book.... Dreaming of crocheting a plastic-bag rug for its interior and hanging a sign over its door helps me enjoy the tedium of raking. Forget the 'spoonful of sugar.' My imagination is even better for helping the medicine go down....

Doesn't look like much yet, I know. But just you wait!

But I had to take a moment to come inside, brew a cuppa, and send you a long overdue post. It's felt good to write to you again! And now my cuppa's done, and there's still sooooooo much to do.

Best get to it!

Enjoy your day, my friend.

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