Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Hopefully Not Too Whiney Update

Still ill since my last post....

During that time there were chest pains, CT scans, a stress test, the works. The annoying Shingles rash has appeared to quiet down visibly, but still itches and burns and makes it nearly impossible for me to wear clothes in comfort. And the sinus-fever-cough thingy has morphed into something that makes my lungs sound like they're popping bubblewrap with every exhale.

It's the pits. I feel my age, feel old, feel beaten. Twelve hours of sleep a night plus a nap in the afternoon is hardly enough for me now. I love to sleep, but I'd prefer not to sleep my life away, thank you.

Perhaps the results of the stress test and stuff will give me a clue to what's dragging me down? Maybe. Or it could simply be that I was already run down when confronted by this cold and it just consumed me like a grassfire.


For now I'll sleep, since that's what everything wants to do. And I'll try not to mention all this again, since no one wants to read a Poor Me post. And I'll keep in touch, since that's what I enjoy doing.

Until then, my friend.

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