Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Name Ideas?

More news!: Larry Weinberg and Susan Yee of the Rum River Art Center -- the non-profit that hosts my new little studio -- met with me yesterday to talk about all sorts of exciting things (that I'll share with you soon!), one being an honest-to-by-gawd sign advertising my studio, can you imagine?? I get to create the design which Susan will then turn into a window decal. The idea makes my socks go up and down!

But then I began to wonder: what would I have that sign say, exactly?? Certainly not 'delayne's studio,' right?

A friend suggested 'Tumbledown Studio' and I love it. But the name 'Tumbledown' refers to my messy and wonderfilled house full of books and critters. And my creative space there is The Studio Formerly Known As The Extra Bedroom. Still, Tumbledown Studio sounds delightful, even if it's not IN my house.

Of course I could always just call it 'Mayfaire' again. That name was originally coined at the last minute when my first Fest contract asked me for a business name and I thought 'Mayfaire' sounded medieval and Renaissance-y. I like it, but I feel as though it's rarely associated with me and my work, is more of an afterthought, and it says nothing about what I do or create, and because of that I've occasionally regretted making 'Mayfaire' my business name. (Plus, I've been thinking about leaving Fest.... I've been thinking about it a LOT....) Still, the name 'Mayfaire' is everywhere -- on my labels, my business cards, everywhere....

My studio's particular room at RRAC doesn't have an address or a name. Larry and Susan referred to it once as the Georgia O'Keefe room (StudioKeefe?), and my key to it is engraved with a 'c' (Studio C?). Calling it 'delayne's studio' just seems weird, but what about 'studio d'?

And now I can't even think clearly -- GAH.

I'm sure this will all come together and I'm just being my usual overwhelmed self. Playing with a logo idea or something might create the breakthrough I'm looking for.

Still, I'd welcome and consider any ideas!


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