Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodnight, Moon

A 'super' moon -- one that appears to be way closer to the earth than it really is -- apparently came up over the horizon this evening, ushering in the Vernal Equinox and the proper beginning of spring. But I didn't see it.

Earlier today when the sun was shining warm and bright I reminded myself of it. I prepared myself for it. And then an hour or so before sunset the clouds came in, and rain began falling when a week or so ago the cold night air would've turned it all to snow....

But it's OK. It's all good.

Because the fact that rain is falling still (and it's after midnight as I write this) is all the proof I need that spring is really, truly here. And after the winter some of us have endured, I feel it's only right that I stay awake for a bit and honor its arrival.

So I'll end this post now and do just that. I'll pour a finger of Irish whisky and drink a toast. I'll stand at the back door in my darkened kitchen and watch for March hares dancing on what remains of the snow. I'll listen for thunder, and I'll write down my wishes. And tomorrow when the day begins I'll bury them in the earth with pea seeds and copper pennies.

So much to do. But for now I'll simply say: Hello, rain. Welcome, spring!

And goodnight, moon.


  1. What magic you create with words. I am so glad I found you here, dear friend. I've missed you so much over the years, and to hear your voice, clear and distinct as always, the years fall away and I can enjoy being with you right here in my own little room.

  2. Laurel, it's so nice to see you here! Bless you for 'following' me and for leaving such an awesome compliment. Big thankyous! :D