Monday, June 20, 2011

Trying to Get Back on Track....

Dearest You,

A blogpost from me is looooong overdue, I know.... And I especially need to follow up on my last topic, the one about women, their work, and how it's never done (at least in my humble opinion), and one is in the works, I promise.

I was hoping to start a dialogue here about it that would attract more comments from other artists. And when that didn't pan out like I'd hoped, I shared a link to the post with my facebook friends in an attempt to drum up some more activity. It worked.

Doing so did generate some attention and interesting POVs, but I was in the process of embarking on an Adventure at the time and couldn't feed/mediate/juggle the comments like I should have and the conversation derailed before it got back on track. And then it waned. And for that I apologize.

For everyone's benefit, I promise to distill that discussion at some point and share it here, 'k? And in the meantime I'll try to post A Little Something more often than I have been.

Caio for now.

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