Friday, August 26, 2011

Moments of Magic

I <3 everything by Julia Cameron!
Yesterday was so amazingly spectacular that there were times that the fullness of my heart brought tears to my eyes. Nothing extraordinary happened, not like winning the lottery or whatever. Just simple things. Like finding a ten-dollar bill in the pocket of my jeans. Stuff like that can make you believe in magic.

There was a quality of light yesterday that was September-tinged; the sun is definitely in its last-moments-of-summer quadrant and clock hands everywhere are pointing to quarter-til-school. As I walked around the neighborhood I could almost smell pencil shavings in the air and the scent of brown paper textbook covers, I swear, and my head was filled with the memories of new school shoes still in their cardboard box, and new watercolors begging for moisture.

Not half a block from home I encountered a 'free' box on the curbside. No, not kittens -- books. There I unearthed a copy of Julia Cameron's 'Walking in this World -- the Practical Art of Creativity'. (FOR FREE!) And then continuing on my way, I saw stands of pink and orange zinnias (oh the childhood memories!) and was greeted by an elderly barefoot woman out watering her lawn with a hose. In her baggy blue housedress and fly-away gray hair, she looked just like my late Auntie Helen, and in a wavery voice she called out, "What a nice day for a walk."

And it was!

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