Monday, September 17, 2012

Forced Laryngitis

My computer's down for the count, and without a keyboard I am lost.

Make that capital 'L' Lost.

Heck, make that capital everything LOST.

Since its demise last week I've hunted down my fun-to-write-with pen (you've got one too, I know) and have been furiously writing notes, making lists, penning ideas, and composing journal entries. My hands just need to make words! And my head just needs to get them out.

But it's still not enough. I feel voiceless....

I think what's missing is the You factor. I forget how important it is for me to 'talk' to you like this. (You're so special to me; big thankyous for being out there.)

Hopefully soon I can write to you without having to do so from my phone. I can type as fast as I think, just not with my thumbs so much. And we both know how dang wordy I can be. Just these few paragraphs have taken me the greater part of my coffee break, and that's just frustrating. Plus, these thumbs weren't made for texting.

Anyway, when I do write again, I'll be sure to include many X's and O's.

Because you're in my thoughts and I've missed you. :)

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