Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Thankfulness

This looks Christmassy to me....
Just last week I was standing at the counter in a local McDonalds and noticed that Christmas-inspired McFlurries were now being offered and advertised, and I had a mini fit.

I get that the Christmas buck is the biggest, but please can't we take the year one holiday at a time? I thought to myself, "Hey! There's a Hallowe'en to enjoy first, and don't forget Thanksgiving."

Poor Thanksgiving....

Because of that moment at McDonalds I've since decided that Thanksgiving needs its due. And to honor it proper I've made the commitment to create a daily list of things I'm thankful for. Every day from now through the month of November.

(And before you begin thinking that this might suck for you as a Not-So-Daily Maily reader, please know that I've got so much on my plate right now that posting here every day will be difficult, so I will be keeping the bulk of my list to myself. However, I urge you to make one with me, and I would love it if you shared your daily entries!)

So here it is -- November Oneth. And today I'm feeling thankful for:
  • Leftover Hallowe'en candy.
  • Hot water and a deep bathtub.
  • Squash soup for supper.
  • A mood that can almost see a pinpoint of light at the end of its dark tunnel.
  • YOU.


  1. Great idea and challenge! I'll play! :-)
    1. Friendships that weather all storms.
    2. Sunshine on a chilly fall day.
    3. Leftover Godfather's Italian sausage/mushroom/onion pizza
    4. A Brown Betty in a cozy filled with cinnamon-cardamom tea
    5. Weekends

    1. Yay! ALL excellent things to be thankful for. Big thankyous for sharing them here! :)