Friday, March 29, 2013

Thoughts of the Season

The older I get, the simpler things are. The simpler I am.

My stiff roots and branches are softening and pulling within like the juicy fronds of a reef creature, returning me again to the size of a seed. I can feel them retracting. Everything I am is no longer so dramatic or driven or complicated....

I'm liking this time in my life.

And as the season builds, I tuck in tighter. I brace myself. My religious friends push their agendas now; my non-religious friends defend theirs. Mother Earth quietly goes about Her business with or without me. I observe it all. It's so epic that I just let it wash over me. It's all I can do.... That, and hope that my foundation -- the one I've cobbled together for myself over the years from stuff I learned that either sang to me or killed me a little -- holds fast. It will. New thoughts and beliefs blown in on the tidal wave cling to it like barnacles, as always. That's ok; I love the seed shell I've created, all tumbled smoothe by time and tide into the simplest of forms made unbelievably fancy and strong by the sum of its parts.

Now is the time I seem to think deeply on things until my head hurts, then tuck them away in the little pickle jar of my heart to ferment. There's all sorts of stuff in that jar! It's created its own light, its own heat, there's so much going on in there. So much that the seed I'm shrinking into sometimes feels like a hot little pinhole, a cell-sized star nearing the bang of its birth; so much that I expect that what looks like simplification is about to become wildly complicated again.

Waves. Patterns. Circles. Spirals. Simple made complicated made simple again. Birth, life, death, rebirth. Wash, rinse, repeat. Wow.

(*Insert sound of head exploding a little.*)

Huh. Where did that come from, I wonder? Certainly not from Simple Girl here.... I must walk away from all this and go pick up a pencil!

And to YOU I say may the spirit of the season get inside your heart and crack it wide open. And may what emerges blind you with its holy radiance.

Have a blessed Easter, my friend.

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