Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Will Wake for Adventure

Makeup's on, coffee's in -- I've been up for hours....

This rarely happens.

I'm a Night Owl of the highest order. And even knowing that I'd need an early start today didn't help me fall asleep any faster. But it seems I'll wake for Adventure. 

Who knew?

I accompanied James in to his work this morning and he dropped me off at a nearby posh mall, one with a designer coffee shop and a real estate broker, and sweet little stores that sell Coach bags, Tiffany memorabilia, and weird stuff like blinged-out deck shoes.... 

Nothing's open yet, of course, but the halllways are still full of people getting their exercise. The Silver Sneakers crowd. Folks my own age. Women dramatically madeup and perfectly coiffed, wearing diamonds with their workout wear. Men in their high-waisted Dockers and cardigans.

And then there's ME. Jeans and a hoodie and my Adventure Bag full of what James likes to calll my 'artist bumperstickers.' Inside are my art supplies.

Nothing makes me want to retreat back to my mess and my menagerie quite so much as being in such an environment. Right now I'm way out of my comfort zone.... 

But I'm only here because it's a conveniennt drop-off point. James has a half day today and he's got the afternoon planned. So I thought it'd be more convenient for him if I waited here, somewhere close, where we could get the afternoon off to a quicker start.

So while I wait I thought I'd write to you. And eat my peanutbutter sandwich. And perhaps draw a Little Something and perhaps even abandon it here. And maybe someone will find it, someone who wears clothes that aren't worn and don't come from the Goodwill, like mine.

Better yet, maybe someone frugal and comfortable and creative and totallly out of their comfort zone will find it.

And maybe it'll make their day.

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