Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oops x 3

Big thankyous to the well-meaning reader who let me know I'd done it again, only this time for multiple days in a row: I sent a daily email out to a handful of family and friends and accidentally included my blog's link in the group, so last week the Maily saw three days of Happy Thotz it wasn't supposed to see.
Was I perhaps unaware, she wondered? Oh yeah. And so yesterday I finally corrected the problem (unlike last time when I think I said I would and then immediately forgot about it).

This has happened before, you'll recall. My blog's e-address has an asterisk next to it in my contacts list -- just like the names of the recipients who hear from me every day. This time, though, everything went undetected. And because a dozen or so readers have already seen or received the errant posts, I haven't bothered to delete them. They're nothing spectacular anyway, and at least they make my blog look like something's happening here.


I really have made adjustments this time and am confident that these blog thoughts and my daily Happy Thotz will no longer cross paths.

But really? Why is this even a thing??....

(*wondering, wondering*)


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