Wednesday, February 16, 2011

G-O-U-Ache -- Coincidence?

I'm still knee deep in my studio re-org, and here we are at Wednesday -- Day Two of this week's go-'round with all The Boxes. This continued messmaking is beginning to annoy me....
I realize we're now over halfway into February and I've yet to A.) get the job done, and B.) create anything. And I get that the studio re-org might just take the rest of my life since there's a LOT of stuff to slog through and said slogging has to happen between long bouts of Reality. But dang! -- I feel like one big Stall Out, neither moving forward nor having any teensy progress to show for my spinning wheels. If I'm inching towards my goal at all, it'd be nice to know it....
Anyway, on a pleasanter note: Unpacking the boxes has led to some inspiration of sorts, at least. Yesterday I dug through a truckload of paints -- unopened assortments of gouache tubes, acrylics, and pans of watercolors -- and I felt compelled to ignore the unpacking and give them a go. Me? And color? I know -- weird, right? But the idea kind of kept me awake last night, and this morning I awoke still awash in colorful dreams. It dawned on me then that color has been patiently waiting in the wings for me for years. And all the while my head ignores it out of fear, my heart keeps writing it love letters.

I may just have to take a break today and dip some brushes. The last time I painted anything I was more disappointed than exhilarated, so it may be just what I need to get kickstarted again into the reorganizing groove. But who knows?

It might also be the beginning of something sweet.

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