Monday, February 28, 2011

A Pleasant Weekbeginning

My Post-Academy-Awards-Related Things To Be Happy About:

1. An Oscar ballot upon which nearly all of the nominees have been marked as 'seen and enjoyed.'
2. Diet Ginger Ale made rosy with a splish of Grenadine = faux pink champagne.
3. Lounging jammies, monkey slippers, and costume jewelry bling.
4. Playing Fashion Police during the Red Carpet parade.
5. Champagne flutes, wooden caviar spoons, and TV trays. 
6. Crab legs cooked to perfection.
7. Getting all teary-eyed during the In Memoriam segment....
8. Oscar Bingo.
9. My favorite film goin' home with the gold!
10. A best friend who loves movies as much as I do, sees them all with me, doesn't mind spending long happy hours afterwards critiquing them to within an inch of their lives, and on Oscar Day brings me eyelash glue and a bouquet of roses for my pajama-clad Red Carpet look. (Love you, James!)

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