Monday, February 7, 2011

Still Life with Kitchen Sink

Welcome to Ye Olde Curiosity Kitchen and my view at the sink. I could happily stand and look at it for hours, and sometimes I do just that.

The shelf here under the window was supposed to hold dishwashing paraphernalia (at least that's what I put it there for) but over the years it's held anything but -- partly because I'm not sensible and efficient that way, but mostly because any horizontal surface at my house has to hold something interesting.

The shelf-over-the-sink has supported primarily fascinating things in jars that eat stuff. Things like sea monkeys, garden slugs, cecropia caterpillars, cicadas, and the like. But for now -- except for the odd bacterium or two that I'm sure are happily feasting away -- the shelf is void (devoid?) of animal activity.

That cloche that's covering the sprouting shamrocks? It's one-half of a cheese service, the other half of which is being used for -- who knows? -- something not cheese-related, surely. That jar of rooted plant pinchings? They're from my mother's Swedish ivy which, if I'm not mistaken, is a direct descendant of her mother's Swedish ivy. In the medicine bottle are morning glory seeds collected and saved from last year's vines. And in the terra cotta saucer are pet cockatiel Miss Lily's fairy-sized eggs.

My kitchen sink still-life is like Tumbledown Concentrate. It's just a tiny taste of what it's like to live here, where at any given moment you might encounter a shelf full of things (like the ones pictured here) that will either gross you out or fascinate your day away.

As for me, I'm not easily grossed out but I am easily fascinated. That said, I'll admit there are a lot of shelves here. :)

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