Wednesday, November 16, 2011

X's and O's

This is for you
Guess what??

Yesterday's post generated a comment -- Woohoo!

It generated two, actually, as another friend of mine emailed me yesterday that she'd tried to introduce herself here in the comments section, as I'd requested, but was unable to do so.

I think I understand why it was difficult: These things don't necessarily make it easy for us to communicate with, do they? I can remember in the past wanting to comment on so many blogposts on so many blogsites but discovering that in order to do so I had to jump through hoops, create an account, choose an avatar, blahddy blah.... And then there's the part about one's comment having to be moderated first before the blog itself allows it to even appear. Yeah, there's that....

(Of course, there's also the possibility that I've set up this site so that commenting on it is a problem. Yeah, there's that, too....)

BUT -- Yesterday's post and the response it generated tells me that I still have readers -- HUZZAH!

a'poier,elapod; voiemrint eomvpoke,ao;!!! (That was the happy keyboard dance right there -- :D)

Knowing that I haven't lost every single one of you buoys my heart and keeps me from having to write to my own self. Although you know I would do that, don't you? And I'd comment on my own posts, too, to keep from looking completely ridiculous. Because I'm shameless that way.

So here's a great big beautiful THANK YOU.

To you. Yes, YOU.

And may this be the start of a nice communication.



  1. I know what you mean; it's sometimes quite difficult to comment on a site. One trick that helps is to sign in to my own blog (at Wordpress) before starting a comment on another blog and then use Wordpress as the intermediary. Another trick is to copy my comment before I click "ok" or "publish." That way, when the universe decides no planets are aligned, I can paste it in on attempt #2. (Or #3 or 4...)
    We're reading you, Delayne! Thanks for writing to us and keeping us in the loop. Eventually the software will catch up and make it EASY. (I hope!) Love and hugs!

  2. Chris, these are great suggestions. My efforts used to be thwarted repeatedly until I signed into my Google account before commenting (and like you, I had the foresight to copy my comment elsewhere before trying to publish, just in case what I was trying to do didn't work....).

    I know there's a way to comment as just oneself -- with no other allegiances, like Google or Yahoo or Wordpress or whatever -- but I'm not 100% confident on how to do that.

    As always, my dear, big thankyous for your comment!