Saturday, December 31, 2011

I See You, Twenty-Twelve!

Here we GO!
The clock is ticking....

Right now it's the wee, little, pre-dawn hours of the last day of 2011.

And in my head I'm a million miles away in my imagination, planning Big Things for the New Year. Big Creative Things that are all MINE.

Big Things that involve stories and new products and more art and hopefully a little travel. Maybe some surprise endings and vague destinations. Perhaps even some (gasp!) COLOR. And definitely some stepping-outside-of-one's-comfort-zone.

These plans might just require an alias. And the addition of another personality or two. Or three. And maybe some mismatched stockings. And definitely a hat.... And an amulet.

And maybe even a traveling companion. Like a fox. Or an owl. Or a fox that IS an owl. One that wears a top hat and speaks in riddles and might be a foe or a friend or a faux friend or a fey friend, and only needs glasses when he reads....

Or she reads?

Who knows? Who wants to know? I want to know. I can't wait to know.

So here's to Big Plans. Here's to discovery!

Here's to the New Be-a-YOU-tiful Year.


  1. This is quite an adorable pixie! I love tiny wings and that terrific hairstyle. So, even though this isn't your latest post, I wanted to comment on it anyway. :)

    (Visiting from Artists in Blogland!)

    1. Cindy, the BIGGEST of thankyous for your comment. It came at the best time ever. I'm kind of having a 'day' and your words are like a hug, so I'm crazy grateful. Bless you!