Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Today, take a moment to happydance the Earth well.

Serenade her with song and laughter and joyful noise.

Make her smile with your shenanigans.

Read to her a story about flowers. (Or -- even better! -- write her one.)

Touch her beautiful young/old face with your bare hands. (Minnesotans, take those mittens off!)

Give her a gift of honey and wine and wellwishes and water. And words.

Write her a love song. (Sing it at sunset!) Or a love letter. (Tie it to a tree!)

Share your bread with the birds so they tickle her ribs with nibbles. Share your kitchen scraps with the worms so they calm her with caresses.

Bow your head and kiss her on the cheek.

And then thank her. For everything.


  1. Love the imagery you've offered up here--it's pure poetry! dc