Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thinking Green Thoughts

This sketch in progress began as simply a way for me to play with new school supplies purchases, but it's gone on to entertain me now for hours.

I keep returning to it -- er -- him. The Green Boy. That's a penciled-in acorn that he's holding in his fingers, in case you can't tell.

Could this be the young Green Man? Is it Peter Pan, perhaps, offering up a kiss? I have no idea....

If I'd been thinking about it all ahead of time, I would have (hopefully) come up with a better-planned-out design. But had I done so, I can almost guarantee it would not have surprised me like this one has.

And now I sense a long, wordy, and introspective post gearing up about how my planned-out stuff sometimes comes out looking all forced and tortured, blahddy blah, and so I'll just shut up. It's the weekend, after all, and Life awaits! And here in my neck of the 'burbs the sun is shining and so I must step away from the keyboard and go worship it a little.

So I'm signing off until whenever. And I'm also sending you every-shade-of-green thoughts of Spring.

Now go have fun!


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