Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seriously Minnesota?

And it's this dark here, too!
It's Tornado Awareness Day here in Minne-snow-tah (emphasis on the snow) -- the sky is dark, the sirens are blaring, and this is what things look like out my front door.

C'mon, Minnesota....

I'm pretty much a nester. A cocooner. That one lady in the neighborhood who has a cat and doesn't answer her door. Much. So weather like this doesn't bug me anymore; I just brew a cup of tea, put on another sweater, and tuck in closer to the drawing table.

But it used to be that I had to slog to and from a bus stop five days a week in stuff like this (and worse; there's nothing like stepping off the Metro Transit in tornado weather). And I had to do it wearing a dress and heels. I'm a tee, jeans, and Converse girl; writing the words 'dress' and 'heels' gives me hives. And I tellya whut: it got old immediately. Two days of snow in my pumps and I was ready to kill something.

Not so much anymore; I'm better now. But this winter is pushing my buttons.


There's no denying that my neighborhood -- with its yards full of flattened leaf mold and thawing piles of fragrant dog poop -- is looking a lot prettier right now.

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