Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Advice

I'm not away. Just busy. And this week has been overly stressful....

My family's been aware of the goings on here, and yesterday my eldest Grandbug told me (complete with wagging finger), "Gramma, just try to forget your troubles and have some fun today!"

Good advice.

So she and I spent the afternoon together at The Pond Near Her House. We sat on the wooden dock and 'took the pond's temperature' by dipping sticks into the icy water. We looked for floating snail shells and fished for mermaids.

Fluffy cotton-candy clouds sailed by and blocked the sun. "Gramma, if you could ride on one of those clouds, which one would you choose?" I picked one and she picked the one right next to it so we could hold hands together while traversing the sky.

My cell phone rang and I answered it. It was Grampa. With a little wrinkle in her forehead, the Grandbug watched me converse, then when I ended the call asked worriedly, "Does this mean you have to go home? Because I don't want you to go home!"

There would be no going home yet.

Hours (and a bit of sunburn) later, there was bubble stuff and sidewalk chalk and the sharing of Freezie Pops. "Gramma, how about you taste my purple and I taste your yellow?" Ants were studied and leaves were picked apart. Airplanes were watched as they cut across the sky. Would they fly through our clouds, we wondered? Nope. Whew!

A most excellent day. And when I returned home again, I discovered my troubles had pretty much taken care of themselves.

Her words were more than just good advice. They were absolutely magickal.

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