Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taking a Social Media Break

I've had to walk away from Facebook.

Just for a bit.

Social media and I are uncomfortable friends at best, and every once in a while I have to leave the suddenly overcrowded sandbox and go swing for a bit, just until I can catch my breath. People, even virtual ones, are apparently my kryptonite....

But this seems to be a cycle for me. I'm sure if I checked my blog archives from exactly a year ago, I'd find a post like this.

So for today I'll walk away. After all, there are pea seedlings to plant and dandelion blossoms to pick. The lawnmower needs my attention, too. And since it refuses to start for me, there's always sun coffee to brew and a rockingchair to curl up in on the patio. If I'm quiet there I can watch the robin in her nest on the garage. I can spy the nibbling nose of Bad Bunny hiding in the rhubarb patch. A cabbage white crosses my path; a good omen. And a trio of starlings march in the sunlight, their sharp beaks scissoring the clover.

And I've got something to read and something to sip, a notebook to write in, a sketchbook to draw in. And my head is full of ideas.

I'm good company. And things are magickal here. And I'll choose this before Facebook any day.