Friday, June 14, 2013

Meadowsweet and Imagi(c)nation

So far today is all about the fragrant meadowsweet abloom in my front garden.

And it's about the sunshine, and the scent of mown grass, and cottonwood seeds riding the summer breeze like feathers from a burst pillow. And billowy clouds that one could ride the sky in like a houseboat in one's imagination. (Complete with cottony furniture, too, of course.)

But it could also be about setting up the hammock and grabbing a lifechanging chapter book from childhood for a welcome reread. (For me it was Little Women or Anne of Green Gables or Black Beauty or fill-in-a-whole-BUNCH-of-blanks. You?)

It might also be about making a pot of sun tea. And peanutbuttering a sandwich for a personal picnic in the garden.

And maybe it will be about penning a story, solving a mystery, planting magic beans, inventing a recipe.

Or writing a letter to a faraway friend. Or styling a fort out of old branches and ropes of climbing woodbine. Or a host of other imaginative adventures.

Because it's Friday. And it's summer. And my inner schoolchild is urging, "C'mon, let's GO!"