Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Already!

Really? Wednesday?

Must make Time slow down somehow....

Must focus! Must pay attention to The Now.

Must take time to appreciate the roses before they're done blooming.

Must stop, look, see...!

Must appreciate the Jurassic hostas before they begin to look slug-nibbled. Must enjoy the feathery meadowsweet before it gets too leggy. Must appreciate the pristine milkweed patch before its leaves are picked for caterpillars. Must watch for Bad Bunny dining on the daisies.

Pay attention, pay attention...!

Listen to the cottonwood trees applauding in the breeze, the shouts of children splashing at the pool, the trill of a wren in the mulberry tree, the drone of a bee in the lobelia. Hear that distant lawnmower? Smell that mown grass?

Must remember that my days are full of little important things and my head is full of big important thoughts and they exist on separate planes and I'm rarely on the former and almost always on the latter and that isn't smart.

Because those thoughts aren't going anywhere.

Everything else, however, is already Halfway There.