Monday, January 13, 2014

For Miss Avery

Avery, my eldest buglet, will be five soon (hard to believe). When she turned two, I sewed her a sockmonkey....

Amid all the high-tech gadgets and toys she received at the time, he stood out like a black eye, sadly. (A homemade black eye, too....) But I'm happy to report he's still around and still loved and still in one piece.

During a recent bugsitting gig, Avery brought him to me and pointed out some owies that she hoped I could fix. And so I took him home in my Gramma Bag, and with her in mind I've documented the procedure to prove to her just how brave he was 'under the needle' (in case there was any doubt). So without further ado:

Sockmonkey's Owie
(and How Gramma Fixed It)

First we must assess the damage. Yep -- looks like an easy repair.
(Owie #2 was in a place that he didn't want photographed for posterity....)

It's ok to be apprehensive. Dental floss will work like a charm.
Plus, you'll smell nice afterward, too!

 Step One: Thread the needle.... Step Two: Repair the tear.

 Awwww, poor sweetie. I'm stitching as fast as I can!
(Although he said nothing about it, I'm sure my choice of footwear wasn't helping....)

 All over! Here's a snuggle for being so brave.

And a band-aid, of course. Too bad I didn't have one with bananas on it!

Raisins help owies heal faster. Everyone knows this.

Looks like somebody's feeling better already!
But it's best to take things easy for a bit, Sockmonkey....

So here's a handkerchief sling.

And a kiss.

Ready to return home to Avery!


  1. This was priceless! I had a friend, once, that would stay for awhile with my Grandparents and return to me, shiny and new. I remember it so fondly. The bittersweet ache of having her gone and the surprise and genuine relief when she was returned. I would have loved to have seen images of her time in their healing clinic, but this was absolutely the next best thing. Sock Monkey with hand over his eyes! Sock Monkey enjoying raisins afterwards. The pictures really do bring it all to life. Thanks, Dr Gramma, for a window into a world I suspected, but never really observed before. Above and beyond! —Chris

    1. Awww! Thanks, Chris. Such kind words! :)

      I had a grandmother like yours. When I stayed at her house I'd bring Big Dogger with me (my fave stuffed animal) and she'd repair him while I slept. Most of the time she wouldn't tell me that she'd done so, so it was always a special surprise to me to check his wear-and-tear later and see that he'd magickally healed.... :)