Monday, January 6, 2014

Questions for YOU

Flying, flying! But to where, exactly?....
It happens every year around the Holidays.

I rethink this blog, where it's gone, and where it's (hopefully) going.

I think about how it's supposed to be about my business -- Mayfaire -- and about my art and my creative process and stuff, but how it ends up being pretty much just a letter from me to you about all sorts of things that aren't necessarily creativity-related.

And that just seems to be in conflict with what I'd intended this blog to be....

Then I think, maybe I should start another blog, and let that one be the personal one.

And then I think, who's gonna want to take the time to follow TWO of my blogs??


Obviously I need some direction. So here's where you come in. Below is a small list of questions that I hope you'll take a moment to answer either here or on my Facebook page as doing so would be really really helpful to me. Ready? Here goes:
  1. What past Mayfaire posts are your faves? What do you enjoy reading about here? Is it the personal stuff about my thoughts, my house, my pets/kids/grandbugs? Is it the stuff about my art and my creative process? Is it about bigger stuff -- what artists I like, why saving Monarch butterflies is my passion, things like that? What about this blog interests you? (I know which posts are most popular, but their subject matters seem to be all over the map, so that's just confusing me again....)
  2. More photos or less photos? Longer posts or shorter? Every day or only when I've got something important to say? Is it important that you hear from me often? Or is it just annoying if I pop up in your in-box every day?
  3. Should I limit myself here to just my art? Or does it somehow work to have everything -- business, personal, the works -- jumbled together? If I just wrote here about All Things Mayfaire, would you be interested in (or take the time to follow) a separate blog about all the other stuff? And if there were two blogs, which would you look forward to the most?
I like that it's just me and you here. Writing to you is one of my favorite things to do and it makes me happy. But I want you to be happy here, too. Your opinion matters! So thank you in advance for your reply, my friend. :)


  1. I enjoy everything just as it is! (Probably not very helpful). But I like that you include the personal in with the artsy, because art is personal. So I don't think you need to have a second blog, seems like that would be too much extra work and then you'd always be limiting yourself because this is personal and this professional but what if it's BOTH, where does it go then? I just see that getting more stressful than it needs be!

    1. YES. Your comment just made me realize something. Keeping the business from the personal by beginning another blog is like me going all overboard on the New Year's Resolutions. Never fails -- by Day Two I'll already have disappointed myself and want to throw in the towel.

      Two blogs really would add a stress factor, and as a result I'd avoid them to alleviate the stress, and that would mean not posting very much (or at all), and that would mean giving up on a reader....

      *Lightbulb moment*....

      Well, that answers that! I couldn't disappoint you. Thanks for being here, my friend. You're the reason I write. :)

  2. I like the business mixed in too. Like She said, art is personal. (Great quote!)
    My fav's: l
    Love the photos - they really bring me in to your world!
    Really enjoy hearing why you create, what inspires you and what blocks you. It's different for each artist, but that's what makes it interesting.
    Your story. I like hearing how you started, what occurrences moved you ahead and what do you know to avoid (benefits of hindsight). I'm always looking for ways to improve; hearing your story helps, inspires and encourages me.
    Thanks for asking! —Chris

    1. Thanks, Chris! Your feedback always helps put things into perspective for me. :)

      I've heard from others elsewhere that the blog is fine just as it is, and that's helpful to a point, so it's always appreciated when specific stuff can be targeted and pinpointed. I want this place to be personal and I want it to feel like a 'visit' somehow. But I also want it to be interesting and not just me blathering on about myself (because who knows if that's interesting exactly?? :D)

      Thanks for weighing in, my dear!