Monday, December 7, 2015

Focusing on Sparkles

Something on Facebook this morning triggered a full-blown case of the panics (dang anxiety....), so I've spent my day working hard to focus on sparkles. Here are a few of them:
  • A decent night's sleep.
  • Soft clothes! (And matching socks.)
  • A long walk in the wintry wind.
  • Wispy clouds across a robin's-egg sky.
  • Hearing the mailman at my front door.
  • A postcard from a dear friend.
  • Cat on my lap, cockatiel at my shoulder, and a sleepy rattie in my pocket.
  • Twilight shadows in a silent house....
  • The hum of the fridge and the rhythm of the faux firelog.
  • Mac-and-cheese thoughts of tonight's supper....
  • The liquid jade color and sweet seafoam taste of my cup of matcha tea latte.
  • Typing to YOU.
Love you, my friend. I hope your day has sparkles in it, too.


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