Monday, January 4, 2016

Moonday Thotz for The New Year

It’s a New Year. And can you believe it’s really 2016? 2016….! Wow….

I’m looking at it in my head -- the years spiraling backwards into the last century -- and it is a bit overwhelming. I love period dramas and books about the Victorian/Edwardian eras, and they make me wonder how it must’ve felt for someone then to see the end of one century and the beginning of another. And yet here I am – here we are – doing just that, and it doesn’t feel weird at all. Just feels like life plodding on….


Due to all sorts of computer-y mayhem in the OLD year, I’ve not written a single Thot since I-Don’t-Know-When-Exactly, but I feel like getting back to them now. And I’ve forgotten the format of these messages (I’m sure I could find it if I wasn’t so lazy), so I’ll wing it until things feel comfortable, OK? But I do know that we start with this:

FIVE THINGS TO BE HAPPY ABOUT (from The HappyBook by Barbara Ann Kipfer):
(Me here: I will pick up where I think we left off….)
  1. Bowls of vegetables being passed.
  2. "Closed" signs.
  3. A Sunday feast of pot roast or plump roasted chicken.
  4. A tin lizzie.
  5. Learning the harmonica.
  1. Love, laughter, and lutefisk with family at Christmastime.
  2. Ringing in the New Year with champagne, cookies, and reruns of Downton Abbey.
  3. Saying goodbye to all the holiday cocooning. (It was fun while it lasted, though.)
  4. A breakfast that doesn't consist of peanut brittle and homemade butterbeer fudge....
  5. Hope for this New Year.
Short and sweet! Best not to be too wordy so you get sick of me right from the get-go.

Enjoy your Monday, my friend.


P.S. Please visit to learn more about Ms. Kipfer and her wonder-filled book.

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