Monday, May 9, 2011

5 Special Things About My Day (5/9/11)

1. Resident housefinch 'Rose Finch-Feather' (last name emphasis on the 2nd syllable, she tells me) sitting on her windownest like a Peeps chick in an Easter basket.

2. Checking out a nearby church rummage sale and finding Treasure: just-right clip-on sunglasses, a Jell-O jellybean mold perfect for some future jewelrymaking, a pair of big fat knitting needles, and BOOKS (of course).

3. Adding color to today's wardrobe selections and feeling almost OK with it. (Granted, we're talking brown here, so I should just settle the heck down already....)

4. Surviving the emotional thoughtfest that is Mother's Day and determining that I've got two amazingly well-adjusted Girlz, who grew up into gorgeous greatness in spite of me feeding them a steady diet of crazy....

5. The island of healthy tranquility that is my yard, all dandeliony in a neighborhood sea of toxic weedkiller.


  1. Hi Delayne -- As usual, reading your blog transports me to a magical place where importance is placed on things that others over looked (for instance -- your post from this recent Monday, I've always thought dandelions were beautiful, and I'm not really suprised to learn that you do too :0) I'm a fan of lists -- and I really liked the list you compiled here, I swear I felt more relaxed with each line. And very intrigued by the use of a jello mold for jewlery making. Hmmmmm.... Thanks for the enjoyable trip through your writing :0)

  2. Kate, you're too kind! The BIGGEST of thankyous for your thoughtful and generous comments. (And for your love of dandelions, too!; you're definitely a Kindred Spirit. ~ :->) And if/when I ever put the Jell-O mold to jewelry use I'll be sure to share the results! ~delayne.