Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Night School

SCENE: The dark interior of an oceanside cave at low tide. A wooden boat appears in the shadows and rocks in the gentle surf there, impaled on stalagmites thrusting up through the gentle waves. Small white fish school at the edges of its wounds and struggle as if fighting for space. On closer inspection, these are human skulls shaped like fish: flattened and disk-like, with fins that flip and tremble. Their little jaws yammer and their little teeth nibble, silently eating away at the boat until nothing is left but its ribs. FADE TO BLACK....

When I told James about my dream the next morning, he listened with amusement before offering me his opinion. As usual, I was all ready to go somewhere scary with it, but his thoughts were that my subconscious was addressing my frustrating weight loss attempts. And that even though the weight's been 'falling off' me at the crazymaking amount of an ounce or two a week, those ounces are adding up in little bits. Or 'bites,' in this case.

Eh. Good enough. I'm sure if I'd thunk on it more I'd have come up with something 'deeper and disturbinger,' because deep and disturbing is just how I roll....

So fast-forward to a recent morning and a recent dream:

SCENE: Deep space as seen through the visor glass of an astronaut's helmet, accompanied by the sounds of human breathing. There's nothing but pinpoints of heavenly light for as far as the eye can see in any direction. Our main character is intently focused -- not on the beauty of the stars and galaxies, not on the peacefulness of the weightlessness and silence, not on the happy memories that fill their head and heart -- but on impending death. Will it be peaceful? Will it be painful? And just how alone can one person BE, anyway?? FADE TO BLACK....

James had already left for work and wasn't here to interpret this dream, but that's OK. I read it as this: Death comes for us all eventually, and no one accompanies us into the void. And so why spend what's left of Life focused on the inevitable when there's still peace to experience, and memories to make, and a whole dang universe of diamonds all around us?



  1. caves represent the unconscious mind. Boat (ship) means forging ahead with plans. Fish is another reference to subconscious.and to impotence. Skull means get to know someone before you form judgments.a calm bay denotes unusual social success. Water generally suggests travel. Boats symbolizes life. Sinking means danger around the corner.but calm water says calm life. Sinking is a sign you paid too much. If fish are biting a useful bit of knowledge is coming to you. Hope that helps. I could do an interpretation if you like but you can probably come up with something that makes sense.

  2. dreaming of death is rarely a bad omen. You said "heavenly". The prosaic interpretation of that word is a realistic expectation of a better job. Death refers to a closing of one chapter of your life and the opening of a new chapter.

  3. I don't know what I'd do without my dream life. James is all sorts of envious that I wake up most mornings with amazing adventures already under my belt. And this time around, Renee, your comments will keep me happily pondering for days. Thank you for them!

    And it's oh so nice to know that dreaming of death is rarely a bad thing. I've dreamed of it since I was too young to put my dreams into words. In those instances I was dead in my dreams, and on more than one occasion I recall waking, realizing I was still alive, and feeling sad about it.