Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back Once More...

Lilacs and blank pages:
two of my favorite things!
The long Memorial Day weekend was full of busy and went by in a blur.

My dandelions grew to leggy and monstrous proportions and went to seed as a group. The rhubarb fanned out like a bouquet of elephant ears. The little finch babies fledged when I was too busy to pay attention, and now the bedroom window is amazingly quiet. (Although in the pre-dawn minutes I've heard wings going in and out of the old homestead -- nostalgic visitings, perhaps? Or do finches have more than one brood per season?) Clouds came and went on the wind and mornings were heralded by claps of thunder and the drumming of rain on the roof. James was home for four whole days and life couldn't have been better.

But now it's back to work for us both! Once again with the Morning Pages and the daily 3-mile walk and the keeping of some regular studio hours.

And I promise to post when I can. :)

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