Monday, May 2, 2011

Ms. Rosamunde Finch-Feather Moves the Heck In

I've had the awning-style window in my bedroom open for weeks, and (as happens every year) a pair of purple finches has discovered it. For days now they've arrived at dawn with straws and twigs and have begun their puttering around on the ledge there, attempting to weave a nest into the gaping hole that is the window's hinge.

Over the years no finches have succeeded in building a nest there, but that doesn't stop them from trying. Their birdy mutterings are always the signal to Boo that spring has indeed sprung, and now once again she spends her days monitoring the progress. From dawn until twilight she perches on the stack of books that litter my headboard, pressing her nose to the screen while they pitter and chirp. The finches no longer care; I've even seen them pull her whiskers....

Just days ago I noticed that they'd managed to add a stick or two to the hinge that works the window, but I didn't have the heart to remove the screen and eradicate all their hard work. When it became obvious to us that the birds were serious about nesting there (and as you can see, they've been way more than serious), James said, "What will we do if they're successful this year?" And I said, "We won't need an alarm clock, that's for sure." :)

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