Thursday, July 5, 2012


There it is. Over there. Rolled up in that typewriter, unfinished. Closed up in that spiral notebook. Waiting in that sketchpad.
Or perhaps it's still in that fountain pen or that stub of a pencil. Or maybe even still in that room in your imagination.
And it's calling to you, isn't it? "Those dishes can wait... that rug is fine.... Come play!"
And you want to. Anyone would.
But there are things that can't wait. Responsibilities that are more than just dishes that need washing and a rug that needs vacuuming.
Those words over there understand. They really do. So does that half-finished drawing, with its twinkly eyes and shy smile. They're just children. And they want All You all the time!
And you remember how hard it is to wait, right? But it makes the reunion that much sweeter.
And just think of all the stuff you'll share then!

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