Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tumbledown's In the Pink

Listen! Can you hear them, too? :)
It's a magnificent day here in the village, and the purple phlox in my Tumbledown garden is in fierce and fragrant bloom. :)

These flowers can send my memories back to childhood summers faster than anything, I think. While my mother worked and weeded and worried over hers, I would pick the single blossoms and play them like fairy trumpets, tasting their sweet centers on my lips.

I don't work much where my own garden is concerned. I rarely weed it and I mostly don't worry over it. I simply watch it with wonder.

I know it deserves the kind of strict attention that my mom would administer, and I hope it realizes that I would give this if I could. I can't. Our time together is more Quality than Quantity as there are other magickal things I watch with wonder, too.... I imagine my phlox telegraphing to me, "No problem! It's the thought that counts, lovey." And then going on to whisper, "We prefer to be wild and wonder-full anyway."


Me too. :)

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