Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back to the Past

The '80s were a bit ago and he's STILL this cute. How does he do that??
A friend of mine shared a photo collage on Facebook with me today of actor Michael J. Fox's character 'Marty McFly' in the movie 'Back to the Future.' And underneath the picture of Marty was a screen capture of the dashboard of his DeLorean revealing that yesterday -- 01/04/13 --was the day he'd have arrived here in the Future.

(I know, I know; the last time that photo appeared on Facebook there was a different date on the DeLorean then. But I'm leaving it at yesterday's date because it fits with my post, 'k?)

Seeing the photo filled me with memories; not of the film so much as of my life at the time I was watching those scenes. And then the thought immediately came to me that if I were to catch sight of Marty McFly today, I'd have half a mind to stow away with him back to the '80s. Because -- dang! -- I need a big old Do Over!


That's not entirely true....

I'm fine where I am right now -- and by that I mean I'm a far better Me than I've ever been -- so I'd change very little of my past.

But I'd change a whole LOT about myself. I'd make different choices. I'd be more careful of my 'friendships.' I'd learn to recognize predators and be less of a victim. I'd trust my gut more and listen to others less. I'd cut myself some slack. Those kinds of things....

And I'd let that reflection of mine out of the mirror right from the Get Go. Because with her inhaling deeply and steering my ship with heady confidence I think I'd've set a far different example for my Girlz.

But if Marty's here today, he's not in my particular village. There's no chance for me to be a stowaway, sadly. But that's OK. There are things I can do right now to turn that Do Over into a reality. And there's no time like the present for New Beginnings.

How about you? If Marty suddenly landed in your driveway, would you stow away in the DeLorean and go 'Back to the Past'? And if so, why?

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