Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Icy feathers decorate Tumbledown's old windows today, and white crusts of frost line the edges of its weathered doors. The thermometer says, "Stay home!" and I'm listening with both ears. Because it's so cold here in my Minnesota village that I'm half an inch away from wrapping the kitten around my neck like a stole. :)

But regardless of the temps, there's still a lot that's dipping my day in molten gold:

1. A dash of cinnamon in my morning coffee, and cold hands (in fingerless gloves) wrapped around the steaming mug of it.
2. Breakfast slices of holiday fruitcake served warmmmm....
3. Magick pencils and the warm-up sketches they create that never fail to surprise and delight me.
4. Some Wii hula-hooping and a little Zumba to get the blood moving.
5. And you, you, YOU, of course. You, reading my words right now, wherever you are. You with your warm heart and warm thoughts. Thank you. :)

How about you? Is it cold where you are? Then get ready, because I'm sending you a thick, wooly hug:



Now go be creative, my friend. :)


  1. Big wooly hugs right back at you! Your posts never fail to make my day...brighter, more introspective, creative, and filled with gratitude. Thank you and bless you and may you weave your magick for many more seasons! DeniC

    1. Such a sweet comment! Thank YOU for making my day. :) ~delayne.