Monday, June 18, 2012


Don't know about you, but I needed to hear this today....
I know that feeling. You're overwhelmed, aren't you? A little panicked.

That thing you're working on, that project you're knee-deep in, that idea that you're trying to flesh out -- it's like you're just spinning your wheels, right?....

Y'know why? Because you feel rushed. You're watching Time put one foot in front of the other, and there you are: standing still. Unable to move. Or perhaps running around in circles. Or maybe even darting down one path, changing your mind, retracing your steps, and taking off down another.

And all that panicking is making you doubt yourself.  (Not to mention it's giving me hives....)

Well hang on a second.

You can DO this; you know you can! You've done it before in spades. And pink hearts and green clovers and yellow moons and blue stars. You're a creative rock star, don't forget!

But I can hear you now: "If I just had a Magick Wand That Really Works I'd make Time stop long enough for me to do what I dream...."

Well, just an FYI: you do have a Magick Wand That Really Works. But until you start believing that, I'll jump in here and use mine for the moment, 'k?

*swish -- poof!*

There. You're now operating in MY time. There's always enough here. Things might look the same where you are with their 24 hours, but trust me. Time's kicking back right now and taking a big old break.

So have fun. And relax already! It'll get done and be absolutely golden.

Trust me.

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