Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some Heat Wave Happiness

Who doesn't love being read to? :)
Minnesota has gone tropical!

Just yesterday the temps were 90+-degrees Fahrenheit (with humidity making it feel like 100+, so sayeth the News guy).


But I just now realized that I like this kind of weather.

It's because hot days like this are the equivalent (to me) of frigid winter days -- the sun may be shining but it's dang foolish to go outside.

So what do we do? We stay IN.

And we don't feel guilty about it either! (And by 'we' I mean 'me,' of course.)

These are the only summer days that I don't mind being indoors while the sun is shining, bowed over a sketchbook with a cup of coffee at my side and a magick pencil in my hand. Can't mow the grass, I'll fall over; so there. Might as well draw!

Ooooh -- and listen to an audio book. Yeahhhhh..... :)

When James is in his studio, he likes to put on a mindless movie DVD to provide background noise and something to focus on when he needs to look away from his torch flame. But I've yet to do something similar. Unless I'm pulling an image out of my head (which requires either silence or music), I'd much prefer to listen to somebody read to me.

And I find that the person doing the reading is just as (if not more) important than the work that's being read. Stephen King narrating his own work makes my ears seize, but Jim Dale is welcome to read the fine print on my bank statements to me any day, just sayin'. 

And some books I can listen to annually for the rest of my life. (I will forever appreciate the Christmas gift of Frank Delaney's Ireland on CD. If you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about. And if you've heard it, too, you'll agree the audio version's a treasure.)

That being said, what are your favorite books on CD? And why? 

I'm all ears! :)


  1. Autumn is my favorite season but I love summer and the warm days almost as much.

    I love being read to. I knit a lot which keeps my hands busy but that does not always engage the mind and books on CD are great. I also have a fairly long commute and being read to makes the time fly. My favorites, or at least the ones I have purchased, are Robert B. Parker, the Spenser detective stores and just about anything written by Anne McCaffrey.

  2. Bonnie, autumn is my favorite season, too; I can't imagine living anywhere where autumn isn't on the menu. It's got everything I could ever want in a season! And I wish summer wasn't such a busy time for me. It seems like it's over before I'm able to really enjoy it....

    Years ago a co-worker turned me on to the Spenser stories and I've always enjoyed them. But I've never read anything by Anne McCaffrey. Because of your recommendation I might just have to check her out! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

    I've also enjoyed listening to tapes and CDs of old radio shows and serials. I wish there was still something similar that families could tune in to of an evening as an alternative to television. (If something like this exists now, I'm not aware of it.)

    Bonnie, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment here. Big thankyous! And enjoy these warm summer days while they're here, 'k?