Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today's Treasures

Time moves mysteriously here....
So grateful right now for cool breezes billowing the lace curtains, and shades of green that only a cloudy summer's day can create.

And an old favorite Fire King mug with a cup of blistering coffee in it, each sip boiling my blood and turning my sternum to molten bone.

And so many loud ideas talking at once in my head that I have to sing them into focus!

And sticks of buttery graphite, and kneaded erasers squeezed into warm and pliable lumps, and hair long enough to be twisted into pigtails so I don't have to think about it, and a tee and jeans so soft and worn and over-sized that they're like wearing pajamaclothes.

And clocks all telling the wrong time of day so reading them is like a magic trick!

And a breathtaking book waiting in the wings, one that's still a looooong way from ending....

Already some Big Little Things have turned my day golden and (I'm guessing) it's not even noon yet.

And how about you? What has gilded your day today? :)

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